{new year, new decade, new space}

The move is over and the new space for luxurious skin care in Santa Monica awaits you! NY’s goals are set and you’re gonna get on your skin care game. Plus, you know your skin is craving nanofacials, CBD-infused clean & green products, LED treatments and everyone’s fave, Dermalinfusion.

Ready to book some time with your esthetician? Try online (it’s sooo easy): Schedule Appointment

Or, here for the new beachy location details & parking suggestions.

Not sure which facial service to pick? You can’t go wrong with the Fab Facial. It’s 60 minutes of luscious skin care customized just for you. And it’s the perfect way for me to get to know your skin, it’s sensitivities & specific goals.

From there, we can talk about what’s best as a follow-up treatment, maybe the ReZENerate Nanofacial or the Celluma LED (works for many skin care issues as a stand-alone or as a next step).

To help you select the perfect treatment AND products to use at home, I put together this post … hope it helps you navigate your skin care to achieve your goals!

And your homecare is a BIG part of treating your skin. So we can make time to discuss what you’re using, what you dig, what you need. My motto is buy better & less. I have been trained in oncology skin care and work with natural skin care lines that refuse harsh preservatives (even my most active cosmetics-grade products are rich in botanical ingredients like bakuchiol, shea & grape seed extract) and do not include harmful fillers, perfumes or dyes.

Hop over to my page dedicated to ocean-safe SPFs and my Top 7 Products from my natural, green & clean product selection.

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