À votre santé !

Your esthetician here, gently & calmly, checking in to see how we’re all doing.

I am feeling awesome and the studio is open.

And, while I am ridiculously oh-so serious about your skin’s care, well-made products & the specificity of ingredient decks, we laugh a LOT at the studio … mostly because life, WTF?!? Let’s look out for each other, keep it clean and thrive in our best healths.

Let’s make a plan to keep our immune system firing on all pistons:

  • hydrate: H2O, green juice, herbal teas
  • move our asanas 🧘‍♀️
  • eat the rainbow
  • get sleeps & naps
  • if you’re not feeling well, hunker down. reschedule. check in with your Drs.

now is the perfect time to kick that picking and touching habit. STOP resting your face on your chin etc. your skin & immune system thank you 👊

And, doing my part at be well {groomed!} includes these steps for sanitation, disinfection & avoiding cross-contamination:

  • washing my hands while humming a chorus i know by heart from an ’80s tune 👑 💜
  • gloving up. 🧤
  • soaks & wipes that are  bacteriacidal / fungicidal / virucidal / tuberculocidal
  • reupped my sanitation & disinfection knowledge with a #barbicide certification
  • using & maintaining the right equipment that keeps implements sterile
  • keeping skin hydrated. hydrated skin is more resilient & less likely to become overdry & crack

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(footie & fist bumps because hands can be germy y’all)

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