about me

hey, y’all … i’m Kenya, your self-care bon vivant!

i’ve been a licensed esthetician with my own thriving skin care practice for 15 years. i’m also certified in holistic nutrition, vinyasa yoga and restorative yoga. and i’ve studied meditation, breath work, touch therapy and the benefits thereof for many years.

i’m also a devout dabbler. i come by this naturally as both of my parents are really great at many different things. it’s sort of a trait that runs in our family; so much so that at one time it bummed me out that i didn’t have a *thing*. the big difference is that wearing many hats comes more easily to my folks. i have to hustle to get my dabble on.  the upside of the hustle is that you become very process oriented. ya gotta break new things down into steps which makes them easier to share with others. and lemme tell ya, i’ve learned a thing or two.

my professional career began at an advertising agency, then i bought radio & outdoor for Anheuser-Busch. moved to Cali to write and learn to surf … have never surfed but am still in on the west coast and have worked in research, corporate marketing, PR, design & development and as a barista, bartender, server, tour guide & caterer. i’ve toiled at very small companies, tech start-ups, mid-sized firms and global organizations; now i’m a solo-preneur. i’ve studied at the Dermologica Institute, walked on fire, and had my soul re-charged with Marie Forleo.

i have been digging yoga and the many splendid ways it enriches my body, mind & soul for about 20 years.

i completed a 200 hour vinyasa yoga teacher trianing with incomparable yoga ninja Liz Arch.   i completed certification for a Restorative Yoga teacher training with Deep Listening author Jillian Pransky.

as i head out on my 51st lap around the sun, i know for sure that there is more frolicking to do.

join me as we devoutly dabble toward optimum. my experience can support you in your endeavor to live richly and breathe deeply. i look forward to working with you!

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