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What’s the best exfoliation for the bikini zone?

Quick Answer: salicylic acid toners & serums

Longer version:

  1. if you get clogged follicles (aka bumps), NEVER pick, poke or prod.
  2. whatever you choose, treat your skin gently.
  3. if it is a single bump, first apply ice to the area.
  4. i recommend fine sea salt to use as a physical exfoliant.
  5. then, apply salicylic acid in a toner, toner pad, serum or moisturizer (like this one!).  do not rinse off. (apply 3-4x/week in the morning or evening)
  6. (salicylic acid should not be used in a cleanser; it needs to be left on your skin)
  7. apply moisture as needed to hydrate & protect your skin.
  8. clay or enzyme masks are deep cleaning treats (use 1-2x/week)
  9. contraindications: do a patch test if you’re sensitive to aspirin & do not use if pregnant.
  10. remember: be gentle and NEVER, ever, ever pick, poke or prod your skin

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