{ 📚 Book Club ☕️} : August 2019

welcome to the first entry into the be well {groomed!} Book Club. as a reminder, there is no timeframe to read these books. you get to pick & choose to read them or not.

i consume quite a bit. and, at the studio, we typically share what we are reading. The Book Club (sounds so official 😉 ) simply gives a repository for that info so as you are finishing a book, you can check in here to see if there’s something you might want to add to your own list.

this *Club* will be mo’betta if you share: what you like, have read, plan to read etc. so please feel free to do so in the comments, at the studio or via email.

yo, before i start with this month’s picks, i’ve just learned it’s 5 years since Sapiens was published. if you haven’t read it, ya really should.

I’m not a history buff and I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I think part of that is I appreciate the Yuval’s inclusive writing style. He also has a course on this book via this link. If you’re not sure if this book is for you (and trust me, it’s for everyone), start with the videos. I also recommend 21 Lessons for the 21st Century.

How Healing Works by Wayne Jonas, MD, is eye opening. And if you appreciate the healing capabilities of your own mind and body, it’s reassuring. I heard about Dr. Jonas through an interview he did with Crossfitter/MD Julie Foucher. That’s a great intro to the book; here’s the link … enjoy!

I was poking around for my next book and kept getting recs for peak performance mindset books by male authors. Hey, I like men; but I’d also like to hear from someone with similar hormones & sex organs as me. So I kept digging and came across Kelly McGonigal’s TedTalk (link). I LOVE this book; so many connections for me. I also recommend her IG. And, have added her next book to my *musts*: The Joy of Movement; keep an eye peeled for future posts!

I like solving things. I like a little mystery. And I love serials. I watched Occupied, a Netflix version of Jo Nesbo’s book & was terrified. But, I also found his detective Harry Hole (chuckle; it’s pronounced Hoole in Norwegian but still!). He’s a tough character & I imagine him as played by Daniel Craig (the Layer Cake version). I finished #5 (Devil’s Star) a few weeks ago; my fave thus far.

My Aunt Bev –also an alpha book predator– sent over some recs, two of which I can vouch for: The Little French Bistro takes you on a magical journey of finding oneself (again, after 50) and, of course, Becoming by Michelle Obama (get the Audible version if you can; the her voice changes when she starts talking about Barack … swoon!).

  • THE TUSCAN CHILD, Rays Brown
  • BECOMING, Michelle Obama

Check back soon for new listings … I’ve even got a picture book I can’t wait to share! Or, if you’re into the email thing, sign up below:

book online / kenya@kenyabonvivant.com


  1. From a V. realiable reader/client … fabulous taste in lit!

    The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid
    Very Nice by Marcy Dermansky
    Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams

  2. Thanks for the list! Will definitely check out The Upside of Stress. I also highly recommend An American Marriage by Tayari Jones. A quick read with long lasting impact. A different type of love story.

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