how to book online

the company that runs the online booking site seems frequently to update the functionality … let’s just say they do this because they know it’s good for our noggins to continually learn new things ?

here are my tips for using the online option:

  1.  create an account. sure, it’s *one more* password to remember but it also makes it easier to change your appointment and to review past appointment dates. rest assured, you can reset your password anytime you forget.
  2. when you log in, click “book” in the upper right corner to select a service.
  3. this will take you to an alphabetic listing of service options. click on the one you want and then you’ll select the day & time.
  4. to book another appointment, select “back” in the upper left corner. then select the service followed by the day & time. if there is time for multiple services, the system will suggest the time that corresponds to your previous appointment.
  5. when you’ve booked allllll the services you need, select “complete booking”
  6. do a little celebration happy dance! ?????✨
  7. or, if all this makes you consider tossing your computer out the window, just call or email at (310) 866-0928 leave me the day you prefer, the preferred time, and how best to reach you. ??