Breathe in Your Mask

As someone with what I call *fuzzy* breathing (ie asthma, phlegm, inflammation), I have to work on my breath almost all the time.

I’m always looking for tricks to improve my diaphragmatic breathing and improve my respiratory capabilities.

And wearing these masks –as we must do, right now, to keep our people well– can be a tough go.

I recently watched a video with Paul DiTuro, giving recommendations on successfully managing our breath while wearing our masks. Paul is a human performance advisor to XPT Life, Gabby Reece & Laird Hamilton’s lifestyle training system.

He called it Take 5 and I’ve been heavily relying it this week as all non-essential, indoor businesses are required to shut down for at least the next 3 weeks. Check it out below.

Sometimes I tap into that amazing vagus nerve by humming as I breathe out. Doing this tunes this lengthy nerve as it interfaces with the parasympathetic of my heart, lungs & digestion system. Try it!

Here is a link to Paul’s video. Check it out … mostly, take some time to focus on your breath, wear your mask & wash your hands. Stay vibrant and I’ll see you soon