Brighter Days, babe

  • Brighten up your life with the Turn Up the Glow Series … hang on: it comes with Products!
  • Attitude of Gratitude: Thank you!!
  • Ch-ch-changes: New fitness, who dis?
  • Fave Ingredient: Lumixyl
  • Refer-a-Friend, be entered to win

I am literally helping you see Brighter Days with my new Turn Up the Glow series. Each step in this specially-crafted treatment plan is designed to mitigate the dull stuff & level up the glow stuff.

Increase your facial wattage & love your skin:

  • 6 Dermalinfusion Treatments ($1170)
  • Combined with 6 LED Light Therapy Treatments ($240)
  • And, special brightening mask custom to your skin goals
  • Plus, you go home with
  • Lumixyl Brightening Pads ($49)
  • Lumixyl Brightening Cream ($87.50)
  • and, Tizo3 SPF! ($39)

This series is for you if you are frustrated with hyperpigmentation or dark spots. It’s also for you if you are ready to tackle fine lines, improve the tone & texture of your skin, firm your skin, decrease the appearance of your pores, get rid of congestion & extra oil, hydrate & plump your skin’s surface, and kick up the radiance & resilience of your skin.

The deal: $1250 for $1585 worth of services & products —> you’re saving $335! Pay once and your skin benefits in the studio and at home {Click this link to go to the series page}

How best to use your series of 6: If your schedule permits, schedule the first 2 treatments 2 weeks apart. Then, schedule one every 4-6 weeks. Why 6? This is the number of consistent treatments where long-term effects take hold and your goals are met and works with the timing to up regulate the metabolism of the skin and produce more fibroblast activity (influencing collagen & elastin production which is where we get firmness, resiliency & great texture).

Can I still get a single Dermalinfusion treatment? Absoeffinlutely! As a matter of fact, hop over there right now and set up your appointment. {Click here} Your skin will love the exfoliation / extraction / infusion and you’ll see the benefits in smoother, firmer skin. This series has value built in, gives you products to work with AND allows us to work the skin for optimal results. Think of it like a trip to the gym: one great class feels good and gets your metabolism going. Doing it consistently effects real change.

Thanks for entrusting me with your one & only skin. I LOVE creating this small biz journey with each of you. I select every treatment based on a few criteria:

1. improves the skin without risk or harm to the underlying tissue

2. visible, repeatable results (no one-time wonders)

3. doesn’t take a huge toll on the earth (no need to act like precious gems & minerals from far away are the only way to improve the skin you’re in)

4. works for most all skin types, especially sensitized & sensitive skin.

This last one is the most important. Over the years, I feel like our skin has become more sensitized due to sun exposure, harsh ingredients, over-active exfoliation and just too much stuff to try. So, my job is to help you hit your skin care goals while keeping the skin healthy, happy and in harmony.

Another way I’m grateful for each of you is how you happily went along on my Crossfit journey the past 6 years. Yes, it has been exactly SIX YEARS! Time flies because life is like a chipper workout … you just keep going after it and the next the ya know, you’re almost done (or something like that).

The time has come to mix it up. Thanks to the badass, tops in the world, coaches at DogTown Crossfit, I am stronger than ever. I know my way around a barbell, dumbbells, medicine balls, ropes & rigs. I never expected to be 50, doing a 33″ vertical jump (for 2) and working to increase my deadlift personal record of #245 but life takes some twists!

May will be my last full month as a DogTown Crossfit member. I hope to drop in for classes in the future and also, I wanna go where you go. My friend Melissa put a message out to her peeps which I’m stealing/repeating here: tell me where, tell me when and let’s do it! I’ve got trainer friends (Missy B), yogi gurus (Tonya G) and all-around buff babes (Beka B) … I wanna try some stuff! You probably won’t have much luck getting me out for a long run or bike, but I’ll sprint and row with you. I love to hike. And I will still be lifting (if you wanna join me!). I am looking to each of you to hold me accountable and continue the growth. And, if you wanna get strong AF while having a great time doing it, go see the guys & gals at DogTown; they are literally the best!

Envy Medical partnered with Stanford University to develop and patent the Lumixyl peptide (Decapeptide-12). Scientifically researched and clinically proven, Lumixyl reduces hyperpigmentation sun spots, age spots, hormonally-induced hyperpigmentation and PIH without irritation. Lumixyl is the cornerstone of Envy Medical’s skin brightening strategy, and stands as a groundbreaking discovery in the desire for safe, efficacious, and successful treatment of hyperpigmentation.

A key ingredient in several Envy Medical skin care products, the Lumixyl Peptide reduces the appearance and intensity of dark spots without damaging melanocytes and surrounding cells. It targets the malfunctioning cells, inhibiting melanin production by attaching to the natural tyrosinase found in the melanosomes.

Lumixyl Safely Blocks Tyrosinase, the Enzyme that Causes Dark Spots. And, Lumixyl plays a huge role in the Turn Up the Glow treatments!

Got a pal that needs a facial? Send them my way and let me light up both your lives! As soon as your pal comes in for the facial, you’ll be entered to win a quarterly drawing for a FREE Celluma LED Light Therapy treatment … this is that one time where you DO want to go to the light!

Skin care questions keeping you up at night? Wanna know more about how best to treat your skin? What treatment is right for you? Check out *Ask an Esthetician* on my blog or hit me up for a product chat. I am always here for ya!

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