bW{G!} Updates 03/13/21

Waaaay back in college I learned about Persephone –> time spent in the underwold leading to growth and new life. Whew, and here we are –> time to bloom!

Thank you to everyone who’s been in for sugaring & mask-on treatments. The Good News Network seems to be on full blast at my studio: cheers to all the new bebes, swanky abodes, ace career moves, & love commitments! Way to thrive amongst the rubble. And if you aren’t ready to come in just yet, that’s cool too. We’re gonna get through this so that you feel safe hanging out indoors.

Speaking of safe indoors –> at this time, we still canNOT perform full facials in LA County. We are the last county to have this restriction and it seems to have most to do with the sheer numbers of people & businesses in our fair county along with the need to keep everyone healthy as we inch toward completing our vaccinations.

Need some skincare love? Here is a link to the Mask-On Treatments.
And here is some feedback after a recent treatment. tl;dr —> she loved it & so did her skin!

Many of you are now using the Osmosis Elixirs and many of you want to —> good news! You can take 20% off the purchase of any Osmosis Elixir for the next week (until March 22). Check’em out via this link, on your next visit or email me for delivery.

Keep checking ye ol’ blog for more news. I’ve got some new products in the studio including Osmosis Hydrate (plumping moisture) and Replenish Antioxidant Serum (a less active, more hydrating version of the patented Catalyst AC-11). I’ll feature them on the blog soon!

Thank you all again for your friendship, support and being your badass selves. Let’s keep wearing our masks and taking fabulous care of each other!

XOXO from your esthetician, Kenya