CBD comes to bw{g!}

I am THRILLLLLED to offer full Fab Facials & Dermalinfusion treatments with pure CBD professional, organic products at be well {groomed!} via partner, Color Up Therapeutics.

I’ve also got retail rolling in … can’t wait for you to indulge your skin! (Stay tuned for these to be featured in the blog and available on the site as well as in the studio)

Like you, I was curious. So I began the journey with lots of research. Digging in & dedicating time as well as financial resources led me to a certificate in the Cannabis Master Program for Aesthetics.

I chose Color Up for their commitment to the environment, efficacy in their product and your overall health & wellbeing. Color Up sources their Hemp from a local, organic farm in Colorado (where the company is located). The farm grows the Hemp sustainably and with organic nutrients that are GMO free; and they are CDA registered & Farm Bill compliment. The lab used to process the plant is also certified with the state of CO with all current licensing. All CBD is 3rd party tested by a certified lab here in Colorado. They test for cannabinoids present and their percentages, as well as testing to insure it is free of solvents, pathogens, and mold.

“Some of CBD’s greatest beauty benefits are its antioxidant, anti-bacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties,” says Shauna Blanch, LMT, Co-owner & COO of Color Up. “Along with its ability to regulate sebum production and melanogenesis, as well as decrease inflammation and fight the effects of aging and  acne, it truly is a skin care powerhouse ingredient.”

I’ll be sharing more of the benefits of CBD to our Endocannabinoid System (the ECS), how the ECS supports the health & wellbeing of our skin, and how you can use the same products I use during the Fab Facial at home!

Til then, book your Fab Facial or Dermalinfusion treatment by clicking here. We’ll discuss your skin care goals and how the CBD products can work best for your skin! See you in the studio!!!

book {online} / hit me up: kenya@kenyabonvivant.com