#Chillasanahhh at DogTown

hey y’all … let’s hang out, breathe deeply and get mobile at DogTown Crossfit!

what: Chillasanahhh style yoga asanas

when: Sunday, September 9 at 5pm

where:  DogTown Crossfit 3456 S Motor Ave, LA CA 90034

why: continued mobility complements olympic lifting. plus, you’ll engage your rest & restore system

how: ? kenya at kenyabonvivant dot com / ☎ (310) 866-0928

join the class with a pay-what-you-can donation to CrushCancer (link to come). if this is your first trip to DogTown, you’ll also need to fill out their waiver (i’ll send you the form or link).  or, hell, just show up with your yoga mat and we’ll make it work!

this class will focus on the anahata ❤️ chakra region … sort of #Chillasanahhh vs. computer slouch! (thus the pictures of standing camel pose and wheel below ?)  we’ll work on heart openers, shoulder rolls, gentle cobras and maybe a wild thing or two, all aligned with intention and breath.

learn more about #chillasanahhh here ?