yoga asanas, in general, can provide the perfect accessory work to complement weightlifting, running and hiking. some poses can specifically give your body space and time to recover, open, and stretch while allowing *you* –>the driver of said body<– to breathe deeeeeeeply, reflect and engage your rest & digest response (aka your parasympathetic nervous system).

additionally: stretching, smashing, and rolling your various muscle groups hydrates the supporting fascia, allowing more fluid support and movement of your muscular architecture. (this is mucho important for mobility, all types of movement and feelin’ fine in the spine).

i’ll update this page with my favorite recovery poses. you can also check them out on IG under #chillasanahhh. you can pick a single pose to try or group them together based on  your body’s need and time allowed.

namaste, my friends!


combat sitting with standing camel pose

ahhhmazing butterfly pose

personal fave: happy baby pose

the classic:  legs up the wall

front body opener: supported bridge pose