collagen supplement Qs

lately i’ve been getting a BUNCH of questions about taking collagen as a food supplement. there is all sorts of hype and it’s an expensive *hot* product.

while it’s abundant throughout the body, we mostly think of collagen as part of our skin’s cellular matrix. it’s the secret sauce that keeps our skin looking full, radiant, smooth and with minimum wrinkles. as we age, our collagen production naturally decreases.

but, most research shows the best way to improve collagen and elastin in your skin has been physical manipulation (facials, working out, respiratory/breathwork).

new research does indicate temporary benefits in the skin’s appearance with hydrolyzed collagen supplements (screenshot of the research at the end of the post). if you feel like your skin has become crepey, you might be ready for a supplement.

don’t worry too much about the *temporary* … everything is, my dear! 🙂

the cons:

  • oral supplements are systemic, meaning once digested they are used all over the body. and skin is the low man on the organ totem pole. there are no guarantees that collagen will make it to your skin based on the amount you consume.
  • most hydrolyzed collagen (and typically best) is bovine.
  • vegan versions are typically derived from soy

other options: never fear; there are other ways to boost collagen!

  • systemic options that benefit the entire body:
    • if you eat a bunch of colorful veggies and meat from quality sources, you probably don’t need the collagen as a supplement
    • exercise and breathwork are great ways to fire up your metabolism and thus, increase cell turnover & collagen creation
  • targeted options, designed to specifically build collagen in your skin:

what about you? are you into taking supplements? curious how to get the most bang for your skin? i’d love to hear from you at the studio or in the comments below.

my Mom & i had talked about collagen on our recent trip to mid-coast wine country … maaan, we had a great time! thanks to my pal & client Emily who shared the deets from birthday extravaganza (which then became the specs for our trip). while wine does NOT build collagen and does help ya relax a little bit in between the workouts!

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