condition your skin

flaky skin. tight skin. chapped skin.
ahhhh, winter dryness … amiright?!?

don’t despair, my pretties! here are some tried and true tips for thriving in these drier times. time to condition your skin and soon it will feel soft & silky again!

1. gently, lightly exfoliate. Sea salts as well as fruit / lactic / salylicylic acids work to slough old, tough skin that dulls your complexion and prevents hydration from getting in to do its work.

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2. hydrate, inside and out! we all know to drink our water, oh yes we do. plus you can also choose foods that nourish, hydrate and retain moisture better, such as avocado (the perfect snack!) along with nut & seed oils, loaded with EFAs and GLAs (i’m looking at you Rosehip, Evening Primrose, Sesame, Hemp oils).

3. don’t overheat your tubbie. extremely hot and cold temperatures can further dry out your skin. so, while we all enjoy a hot soak, try not to overdue it on the temperature (plus, higher temperatures can release more chlorine vapor into the air you breathe … ewww!).

4. hydrate while you’ve still got a bit of water on your bod … especially if you’re using a body oil. highly emollient products like oils can be occlusive and work to keep the water on the skin’s surface, increasing the hydration action. Maybe a custom-blended serum from be well {groomed!} perhaps?!?

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