I hold my DogTown Crossfit Community very near & dear to my heart. The Coaches and my friends inspired me with ferocious fitness to get out of bed and be a better human when I was experiencing the deepest, darkest recesses of the hellscape that is grief. This combined with the love and support of my husband, Nathan, and my beautiful, precious family, grew me into the person I now am:  broken, repaired, a little wonky but lovin’ all the bumps along the way.  I am so grateful.

So, when any of these peoples of mine rally around a cause, I am there! 

Cancer is especially devious because it affects all of us. It lives in our body everyday, waiting for that moment when our body simply doesn’t have the resources to defeat it. Doesn’t matter how rich or how important you are, if cancer is coming for you, it finds a way.  And if cancer gives you a pass, it goes after your beloveds. That is why finding a cure, better treatment and preemptive strategies are so important … and that’s exactly what Stand Up to Cancer does.

DogTown’s event, CrushCancer, includes a daylong spectacle of a specifically designed workout. This year’s event is Saturday 10/27. Thankfully, my clients need me on Saturdays so I unfortunately can’t participate.

BUT, I can take action in the month leading to the event by FUNdraising and wheweeeeee, I’ve got some goodies for you!  I’ve created product packages that can ship about anywhere. If you’re in LA, grab a facial or a raffle ticket for a series of facials!  Many of you will find the Make Me Suffer section the most, shall we say, interesting.

The {dontate} in each section will take you to my FUNdraising page on Crowdrise. Enter the amount you’re donating and then indicate in the text box which item you want. So easy!  Clicking on the product or pain will take you to a new page that describes that item.

Get the Goods for a Great Cause

Fab Facials! (if you’re in the LA area only, or as a gift for an Angeleno)

Make Me Suffer: you will get date, time & picture!  Bring. It. On!