curious? ask an esthetician

i get soooo many questions about products, product usage, ingredients, skin care, breathwork, yoga etc etc etc. more than direct answers, these questions often lead to great discussions, personal experiences, and recommendations. plus, my client base runs deep with professionals from various industries … serious knowledge visiting Studio 41, y’all and a fab group with whom to round table questions.

common sense disclaimer:  i am not a doctor or a therapist. so if you need immediate medical attention, please call your health professional.

Q: Dry vs. Dehydrated Skin (video)

Q: Help for Over-Washed Hands (video)

Q: Pick Your Treatment, Not Your Skin!

Q:  get a grip on healthy hands

Q:  best exfoliation for the bikini zone?

Q: so many cleanser options … help!

Q:  when do i start sugaring for summer?

Q:  toners … wassup?

Q:  what’s a good treat for my feet?

Q:  can sugaring help my ‘pits?

Q:  how often shall i treat my skin to a fab facial?

Q:  what’s the best SPF?

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