ask an esthetician: cleanser

Q:  what cleanser should i use?

A: your best cleanser choice should clean your skin thoroughly but not so much that it feels tight or dry after you rinse.

Longer Answer: read on + some recommendations!

the best cleanser for you is one that cleans off the debris of the day (sophisticated SPFs, environmental stuff, makeup, moisturizers etc) and leaves your skin feeling comfortable. if your skin feels too tight or hot or dry or sensitive to touch, your cleanser is too strong or stripping for your skin.

our skin has a lovely protective barrier on it. and if we use too strong of cleanser too often, we might damage that barrier. then our skin is more susceptible to irritation, discoloration, and dryness. so we want to use a cleanser made of components that can break down excess oil and debris, but not strip the skin.

i LOVE oil-based cleansers for just this reason. oils work well to break down cosmetic ingredients and the lighter oil our skin produces but typically leave your skin calm and smooth. most of today’s oil-based cleansers foam lightly and then rinse clean, leaving your skin dewy and fresh.

here’s a link to my fave CBD- & coconut-oil infused cleanser.

i do NOT recommend cleansers with salicylic or fruit acid ingredients. your cleanser should have an alkaline pH to properly break down your skin oils.  plus, salicylic and most other acids need to be left on the skin to achieve their goals.

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