ask an esthetician: toners … ‘sup?

Q: what are your thoughts on toners? do i need one and is it really beneficial to my skincare routine?

A: toners can be a basic part of your skin care regimen and beneficial. should you purchase one? read on!

in the day-to-day skin care regimen, a toner’s primary goal is to rebalance the pH.  skin is slightly acidic (thusly, we call it the acid mantle). to break down pore clogging debris, old oil, sticky skin cells and remove product, estheticians recommend an alkaline cleanser.

side note —->  most cleansers are alkaline, especially if they are oil- or creme-based. but gel cleansers are typically alkaline too, unless the label specifically says “salicylic acid” etc. (and then, ya probably don’t wanna use those).

alkalinity also softens the skin, allowing the pore opening to relax a bit and the debris to be washed away.  basic toner works to return the skin to slightly acid and more rigid around follicular/pore openings.  also, a basic toner can be used with a cotton pad to remove hard to budge debris (like sophisticated SPFs and makeup, designed to adhere to the skin (ie water resistant).

as we’ve improved our knowledge of what works on the skin, we’ve also improved our toners. we can calm, hydrate, soothe and exfoliate as well as the above.

that’s the “behind the scenes” … now, should you spend your hard-earned cash on adding a toner to your skin care protocol?

when considering new products, always come back to your primary skin care and budget goals.  if your goal is to keep your routine to a minimum of steps, you may not want to add a toner.  are you on or under budget? a toner might be right for you.

how i use toner:

  • so much of my skin is more dry than when i was a wee youngster so i use a hydrating toner OFTEN.  how often? after a cleanse? hydrate & tone. midday pick me up? hydrate & tone!  waiting on the bus & feeling like all of LA’s smog is on my skin? you guessed it: hydrate & tone.
  • i recommend salicylic acid toner pads to my clients to gently slough dry, dead surface skin and keep the follicular opening clear on the t-zone, bikini zone, bahrumpapapum, neck & upper back, backs of the arms and any other place little bumps might sneak up!

that’s a little about wassup with toners … what else ya got?

more Qs? let’s see if i have the As … hit me up or come see me for a sugar!