DermalInfusion arrives at be well {groomed!}: say buh-bye to your skin’s trouble spots!

This holiday season, your esthetician elf went shopping for the very best care for your skin. And voila! I give you DermalInfusion, an advanced skin-resurfacing treatment that combines exfoliation, extraction, and infusion of condition-specific serums to improve skin health, function and appearance. This is truly a skin care game changer!

I’ve mastered the art & technique of DermalInfusion; I’m still working on the marketing (handouts, specials & packages). I have it set up as The WhammyBammy Custom Fab Facial. You can book now!

However, some skin conditions –like acne, post-acne scarring and melasma– are best treated in a series over a shortened time frame. Stay tuned! I’ll have those packages PLUS info on body treatments, as stand alone services and as add-ons to the Fab Facial and/or sugaring.

  • patented, medical-grade 3-in-1: exfoliate, extracts, hydrates
  • eliminates time gap between exfoliation and serum
  • maximum penetration of active ingredients at optimal skin depths
  • condition-specific, highly-potent serums based on advanced research
  • treats & improves: hyperpigmentation, sun damage, aging skin, dehydrated skin, enlarged pores, oil-prone & congested skin, rough skin
  • great for the bod! decollete, backs of arms, elbows, bacne and more
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