Waddaya say we kick 2020 off with a new space! Here are all the details:

  • You can absolutely still book online. Every appointment from 12/28/19 going forward will be at my new studio #509 at Salon Republic on 5th & Santa Monica Blvd. in Santa Monica
  • My emails, web site, booking site & phone number will all remain the same

When dropping in to #509 for your luscious skin car & sugaring, you will enter on 5th St. I am on the mezzanine of the new locale. So, you walk in the front door, say Hi to our awesome site manager Emma and continue thru the hall.

The 2nd right turn / 1st hallway takes you to the restrooms. Keep going to a right turn with chairs in and at the end of the hallway.

Turn right and when you reach the chairs, you can go right or left.
The mezzanine is a loop. Either right or left will take you up a small set of stairs.

**** There is currently construction on 5th, between Colorado & Broadway. (farewell, Fred Segal). If coming west on I-10, you might want to exit on Lincoln, then go up to Santa Monica Blvd and turn west (left). You might find meters en route to 5th.

Parking: I typically find meters on 5th, right outside the building. The meters are for 3 hours.There is a parking garage on 4th & Arizona that gives you 1.5 hours free (Santa Monica Structure 3). We do NOT validate for the garage connected to the Salon Republic building but a few clients have parked there and said it was convenient (and I think around $7, which is what the meters are for 3 hours. So if you’re running errands, it’s not a bad deal).

Timing: Leave early!  It’s the beach so loads of people and family groups are milling about in the crosswalks, taking their sweet time and enjoying the palm trees. Plus the Farmer’s Market is happening on 3rd Street Prom on Wednesdays & Saturdays from 8am to 1pm. Make the most of your trip and get those fresh fruit & veg!

Thank you for your patience & support with the move … you are, literally, THE BEST!