do you sugar … there?

the answer is: yes!

professional body sugaring superbly removes unwanted hair from the ‘brows to the toes and all the nooks and crannies in between.  while i do often sugar around the forehead and neckline, i can’t sugar the actual head, nor men’s beard/mustache area.

and there are some contraindications including if you are taking acutane or antibiotics; have an open wound, irritated or sunburned skin; have recently had a medicial-level peel.

otherwise: game on!

sensitive skin? professional body sugaring gently removes dead surface skin, not the living cells. the heat and moisture in your skin actually break the water-based sugar down perfectly, allowing it to seep into the follicle, surround the hair, and remove the root (along with any pore clogging debris).

arms? you bet! nothin’ better than sliding silky smooth arms back into your shirt after a fresh sugaring sesh!

the armpit area? especially!  tired of razor nicks, afternoon stubble and skin discoloration? come in and gets your ‘pits did!

legs? oh yes! want stubble free, smooth skin for much longer? refrain from shaving for 10 days and come see me!!!

the bikini remains the most popular zones for hair removal. but you will love your glowing smooth skin after removing coarse hairs from your inner thigh; peach fuzz from your bum; or unruly long hairs from your toes! professional body sugaring can tackle those pesky, unwanted hairs any ol’ wheres.

inspired? curious? book an appointment & come see what all the sweet fuss is about.

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