tend to your feet

in a recent #chillasanahhh class, i focused on our tootsies and ankles. we rolled, sheered, stretched, toned and strengthened these hard-working zones.

our feet are our most powerful energy source and yoga movements are known for strengthening our feet.  strong feet give you the platform for major lifting success. overused, ignored, overly tight feet and ankles can mean weaker lifts and performance inhibiting pain. plus, unchecked callouses can cause imbalances, uneven wear on your skin, hangnails and possible infection.

here’s my favorite treat for the feets, designed to relax, exfoliate and hydrate

  • blend sesame and/or arnica oil with tea tree & bergamot (or cedar or sandalwood or vanilla or lavender. make it a scent that you dig)
  • in a large bowl big enough for your feet, mix warm water & sea salt
  • warm the oil in your hands by breathing into and rubbing them together (set some oil mixture aside)
  • apply the hydrating and soothing oil to your feet and ankles. pay special attention to your arches, outer edges of feet, big toe, and especially the spaces between the toes
  • locate your “bubbling spring” point : on the sole of the foot, the point lies in the depression that appears when the toes are curled.  it’s an acupoint that, when stimulated, is said to send a spiral of power through your body.
  • take a little salt and begin to lightly exfoliate the rough stuff around your toes, toe pads and heel. anywhere that needs attention.
  • now for the good stuff: the soak! just ease your tootsies into the water
  • when you’re ready or you just absolutely have to do it, rinse with cool water
  • finish with last of oil mixture  (or, use your specially-made roller ball)

if you’re in for the evening, consider following this treatment with legs up the wall … a divine #chillasanahhh pose, perfect for engaging your parasympathetic nervous system and getting you ready for a restful, restorative sleep.

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