Eyes on the Prize

Eye creams & serums are very important for the fragile skin around your eyes. These products help to encourage drainage, decrease puffiness, diminish dark circles, and soften fine lines around the eyes. Plan to use your eye care products morning and evening (and, sometimes during the day, when you need that extra boost!).

There are many reasons the tissue around our eyes is less than vibrant: fatigue, dehydration, UV damage, allergies, smoking, lack of sleep, medications, hormonal fluctuations, vein structure and internal inflammation. A lot of this is genetics; some is epigenetics (factors external to our genetic makeup that influence how our body responds including nutrition, rest, hydration, environmental exposure etc etc).

While we can’t necessarily change our skin’s predisposition, we can feel better in our skin through self-care and the right products.

Here are some of my faves that I keep in the studio:

Hale & Hush Brilliant Eyes & Lips: aka Unicorn Tears and made almost entirely of liquid crystals, which are an essential component of cell membranes. Topical liquid crystal helps fortify, protect and condition the structure of delicate skin. With the highly intelligent antioxidant “spin trap” added, you have a truly brilliant formula that improves cell resilience.

Sorella Apothecary Aloe Cucumber Eye Gel: Fight back against puffy eyes and dark circles with cooling cucumber and soothing aloe. A touch of lightening extracts and peptides brighten and hydrate the eye area, making this a smart, spa-like experience.

Sorella Apothecary Yogurt Kale Eye Concentrate: Avoid modern injections with an old-school revolution. This eye cream is inspired by yogurt’s long-used brightening powers plus a boost of super food greens to effectively assist in diminishing fine lines. Proven ingredient Argireline makes this a must-have in your eye arsenal. Feel revived with a flawless finish.

Color Up Therapeutics Bright Eye Cream: This award-winning BRIGHT – Eye Cream is a must-have for every skincare routine. This peptide formula not only boosts collagen production and reduces the appearance of fine lines and dark circles, but we think you’ll find this silky cream especially soothing, regenerative, and incredibly hydrating. This eye cream is perfect for warding off inflammation caused by harsh environmental elements.

Osmosis Refresh: Intensely hydrating eye serum containing proven actives that increase collagen and elastin as well as firm and effectively reduce puffiness, lines, and dark circles.

Osmosis Illuminating Eye & Lip Treatment: Restore a healthy barrier and a subtle luminosity to the delicate skin around the eyes with this concentrated serum for instantly visible hydration and anti-aging benefits. Featuring niacinamide and ubiquinone, also known as CoQ10, Illuminating Eye & Lip Treatment can be used to reduce visible signs of lines and wrinkles, brighten area around the eyes, and provide anti-aging benefits to your lips.

be well {groomed!} Fab Packages for your Peepers!

The Osmosis DePuff, Soothe & Smooth: To diminish fine lines and maximize the health of the orbital skin, let’s start with your retinaldehyde serum to boost collagen —> apply a layer of Calm gentle retinal serum on clean skin. Make sure you apply this product your lips and the skin of the outer eye area! Next, we’ll pat and soothe Refresh eye cream on the eye area to increase circulation & nutrients. Then, spritz with Infuse and pat to activate these skin revitalizing serums. You may want to layer on Quench for extra moisture. And finally Protect for a reef-safe, UV physical blocking barrier. Your Osmosis headband, Vitamin A skin boost, eye de-puffer, activating tonic, eye & face moisture & SPF all for $250

This Osmosis MD De-puff Soothe & Smooth bundle comes with THE CUTEST navy silk eye mask to give your peepers maximum comfort while you rest. {get this package here}

Wanna mix in another layer to boost your skin’s immunity, repair dark spots, skin texture and pores while calming redness & clearing blemishes? You can stack Rescue on top of Calm or blend them together for a single application. Add $102

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