get that glow!

everyone wants their skin to glow; but we have questions. as you can imagine, many queries about facials come my way. here are the top three. have another one? feel free to email *ask an esthetician* via

“how often should i get a facial?”

anytime you can fit it into your schedule! you can get a facial once a week and your skin will love it! most of us don’t have the luxury of that time or budget, so once a month to once per quarter is ideal. but, just get one … then see what type of schedule best helps you meet your skin care and budgetary goals.

“i once got a facial and it made me red and splotchy”

i am terribly saddened that that happened. there are, definitely, estheticians that like to go deep with physical extractions. my philosophy is to use my products to aid in gentle, effective deep pore cleansing. and, i promise to listen to you: if you have an engagement after the facial, i will make sure you are glowing and ready for your event!

“what makes a facial different than just washing my face?”
taking care of your skin at home is a valuable part of your wellbeing regimen. but there are several advantages to getting a professional treatment. here are a few:
    • professional-grade ingredients
      • facials by a licensed esthetician include topicals designed to be administered by a professional. these products are more effective, targeted, and active than those you buy at the store.
      • professional-grade topicals are further enhanced through custom-blending of cosmeceuticals, aromatherapy oils and botanicals, by someone trained to respond objectively to your skin’s needs.
      • each application thoroughly covers your skin — no slap dash action followed by maybe 5/maybe 10 minutes, depending on whether or not you think of an errand that requires your immediate attention. and, each product is given the time to do just what it needs.
    • it’s not all just lotions & potions!
    • there are many conclusive studies exhibiting the healing and restorative powers of focused touch … why let the expert researchers benefit from this and have all the fun?
    • the many splendorious benefits of facial massage include
      • increased oxygenation of the tissues
      • greater relaxation of the facial muscles resulting in less tension in the jaw and forehead
      • stimulated blood and lymph circulation, feeding the skin and removing wastes at an improved rate
      • improved muscle tone and activates sluggish skin
    • sloughing off dead surface skin and activating the skin’s natural cellular generation to “push up” plump, healthy surface skin

one of my favorite parts of a facial: it is your time to focus on you! no urgent messages or ringing phones. no kiddoes or employees. just a cozy room, heated bed, and pampering, pampering, pampering!

why the heck not get a facial?!?

plus, the fun doesn’t have to end in the spa room! as you know, you’ll see the best from your skin if you follow a daily at-home regimen. I’ll work with you on product selection to stock up on supplies work for you.

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