For June: Eyes on the Prize!

For June, we have been talking all things Eyes in our Virtual Consultations & Facials. And at

Since the skin surrounding the eye area is the thinnest on the entire body, it’s common to begin seeing the signs of collagen breakdown here first.

UV Exposure, medications, allergies, fatigue, genetics, dehydration and a few other things can lead to aging eyes, including puffiness, bags, dark circles, fine lines & milia.

The most beneficial ingredients to look out for to improve the look & feel of your eye area include: Vitamins A & C, growth factors, stem cells, peptides, AHAs and the ever-necessary protectant: physical block SPFs.

PLUS, this week & next, some of my fave yogies add their tricks & yoga moves. We’ll get into gua sha & acupressure. And, the 20/20/20 rule.

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Keep your Eyes on the Prize, babe … and rest those beautiful peepers.

We’ve got work to do and fun times yet to be had.