Ask an Esthetician: get a grip on healthy hands

Q: What’s the best way to manage calluses when you Crossfit?

A:  you gotta take care of your hands. gripping the barbell; kipping thru a series of pull-ups; tackling the rings …  your hands are there for you.

calluses are not bad. they are there to provide support to the skin’s structure as you perform repetitive exercises & movements.   the goal is not to remove the calluses completely. you want to buff them away and then hydrate.  calluses with rough edges and dry cuticles can lead to further damage.instead you want to keep the skin smooth, supple and in great condition.

exfoliation + hydration = conditioning


  • purchase a pumice stone, rough sand paper or other type of buffing material.
  • gently apply the pumice to smooth calluses, specifically buffing any dry areas and the edges 3-4 x per week.
  • do no remove calluses (either by over-buffing, grating or slicing). you NEED these thickened areas of skin to protect your hands and feet against friction and pressure.
  • you do want to remove any hanging roughened bits of skin (from past tears etc) with nail clippers or small, sharp scissors.
  • the frequency you buff will depend on the frequency of your workouts, the condition of your skin etc.
  • i also use a nail brush to buff more gentle areas such as my cuticles, the webbing between by thumb and forefinger and my shins (if you frequently deadlift or clean, you know why!)
  • consistency is key … don’t wait to exfoliate!


  • De-Rough Stuff by be well {groomed!} is 100% pure & natural. Every ingredient included nourishes and hydrates your skin.
  • the primary ingredient is Arnica, extracted from the flowers, for maximum impact.
  • Arnica has been shown to decrease inflammation, reduce swelling and promote healing.
  • you can use on hands, feet, elbows, knees, bikini line … any skin that is dry, feels rough, or needs hydration.
  • it’s also great for relieving the swelling and itching from bug bites!!
  • you can use De-Rough Stuff any time of the day, all day. you can’t use too much!
  • the roller ball distributes the product evenly across your skin and doesn’t not come in contact with your skin.
  • shake very well before each use. and make sure the lid is screwed on tightly to prevent leakage.


exfoliate 3-4x/week:  use pumice and nail brushes to consistently buff and smooth callused areas, cuticles and skin that is worked by friction.

hydrate:  keep this skin supple & less reactive by hydrating with a soothing oil, like De-Rough Stuff by be well {groomed!}.

self-care:  sometimes taking care of our skin is slap dash. but, other times we can give ourselves a moment of focus … on our breath and how we treat our skin. slow, deepen and quiet your breathing. and, as you hydrate, give your hands and feet a massage to ease muscle strain, joint stiffness and other aches.

?to purchase De-Rough Stuff:  ? or ☎ (310) 866-0928   (local orders only ?)

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common sense disclaimer:  i am not a doctor or a therapist. so if you need immediate medical attention, please call your health professional.