Go Toward the Light

With all the chaos and new versions of busy-ness, I forgot to tell y’all I was featured in a book about red light therapy.  Which is surprising because you know how much I LOVE my Celluma Pro and recommend to just about everyone who comes in to the studio.

This opportunity came my way through a lovely client who wrote the book, the very talented author/journalist Stephanie Hallett.  

In the book she breaks down the key applications and strategies for harnessing the healing benefits of red light therapy.  Red light therapy, along with near-infrared, is known in the scientific community as “photobiomodulation” or PBM.

As Steph says in the book:  “In the simplest terms, photobiomodulation in humans and other mammals is a lot like photosynthesis in plants:  When red and near-infrared light hits our bodies, it penetrates our skin and tissues and is absorbed by light-sensitive molecules in our cells, producing a powerful cellular response.”

Her books covers topics treated by red light PBM including in skin care (that’s my area!), wound healing, insomnia (also me), dental health and as treatments for chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, TMJ plus more. 

The tag line on the front cover is “How read and near-infrared light can manage pain, combat aging, and transform your health.”

Who doesn’t need all that?

You don’t have to wait until we’re back in the studio; you can get a Celluma for home use.  But listen, what you buy matters.  Not every light is made with the care and rigorous quality of Celluma.  Let’s chat before ya buy.  

And, once we’re back in the studio, come in and relax on the cozy bed for what I & my Celluma clients call *napitation* —-> I put on guided meditation or brain wave music while you’re under the light and soon you’re floating with the stars.