Hear –> Learn –> Action

What an impressive week of action, showing up, art, social media posts, lectures, music, photography … the unnecessary and tragic violence necessarily co-opted by brown and black bodies to make the most of the times we find ourselves in and continue the awakening.

I hear you. I am inspired. I am learning. I support you and I am taking action.

I work in an industry that is *very* diverse as practitioners and clients. But our product executives and leadership are still primarily white … let’s fix that! (and male; we’ll work on that too).

This week, I am attending a Whiteness at Work seminar which I am sure will be quite eye opening (no matter how much I think I’ve learned or evolved).

There are books, pods, and more seminars. I continue to take in the information and grow.

Mostly, I want to hear from you, as you are ready. What can I do better? What have I gotten right? You shouldn’t have to tell me when I fuck up; but please feel free to do so.

You matter to me. Black lives matter. I see you and I love you.

Let’s continue the conversation here, via kenya@kenyabonvivant.com and at the ‘gram @kenyabonvivant