A hearty welcome to Hale & Hush

Does your skin react to every new product? Are you frustrated with your skin’s sensitivity and unsure how best to treat it so you just don’t use anything?

I’m excited for you to experience one of my customized Fab Facials utilizing Hale & Hush.

I have been loving these products for professional treatments and can’t wait to add retail too. Here’s where I need your help: What do you have the most trouble finding to best treat your skin when it feel sensitized? Does your face wash leave your skin tight & flush? Would you like an at-home treatment to smoothe fine lines but everything turns you blotchy? Hit me up at kenya@kenyabonvivant.com or leave a comment below. I want to hear from you!

Sensitive skin can range from mild or periodic sensitivity due to stress, environment, hormones, and chemical irritants, all the way to severe or chronic sensitivity from serious health challenges and the treatments or medications that accompany them.

Hale & Hush utilizes ingredients from natural and sustainable plants, flowers and algae. Our proprietary blends of botanicals, nutritional and biotech components are strategically balanced for sensitive skin stages. In the short-term, skin is soothed and comforted; in the long-term, the strategic introduction of these superior ingredients will strengthen and revitalize the skin.

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Kris Campbell is a pioneer in the treatment and nourishment of sensitive skin. A Licensed Esthetician, she has been actively involved in the professional skincare industry since 2004.

After an early career spent working with professional skincare brands at an FDA laboratory, Campbell identified a pressing need for high-quality skincare products for extremely sensitive and health-challenged skin®. She became an expert in the subject and used her expertise to create a product line as CEO of TecNiche, a skincare line for highly sensitive skin caused by persistent health issues like cancer and diabetes. Campbell is respected as a prominent writer, speaker, and educator in the skincare industry.

In 2015 Campbell founded Hale & Hush, the only professional skincare line to focus exclusively on sensitive skin. For occasionally to seriously sensitive skin, Hale & Hush has sensitive skin covered.

ready for your Fab Facial?

I can’t wait for your skin to experience Hush & Hale … get in here!