hollydaze & chill

is your brain sledding toward full-tilt jingle bell?  mine too!  i love the holidays: the parties, the frolicking and the music.  however —> girl’s gotta get a break! your esthetician & self-care bon vivant has just thing to restore your body & skin … read on!

my go-to recovery poses are child’s pose and legs up the wall. click here for some details on getting into legs up. and below, we get into a few of the many, splendid benefits you’ll receive when you add this pose & focused breathing to your hollydaze disco nap.

{cukes soothe, hydrate & de-puff your eyes}

here’s why *legs up the wall* is your go-to pre- and post-partay pose:

  • gives your circulatory & lymph systems a flush, easing swelling and stiffness in tootsies & ankles … and will give your face a healthy glow
  • after a long day, elevating your feet gets those tired gams ready for an evening of dance, dance, dance
  • placing cucumbers on your eyes helps to soothe, hydrate & de-puff tired eyes thanks to high water content along with vasoconstriction & anti-inflammatory properties
  • even though this pose is passive, you still get a gentle stretch on your hammies and lower back
  • resting fully supported on your back and slowing/controlling your breath activates your parasympathetic nervous system
  • if you’re planning to go out after putting your legs up, stay in the pose for no more 3 minutes.  much longer and you’ll be ready for bed!
  • try to avoid falling asleep ???  (it’s *that* relaxing!)

 sending stockings full of good vibes your way and the warmest wishes to you & yours for a sparkly New Year!

Pssst: a facial may be just the thing to prep your skin for hollydaze parties … or to help you recover.  {click here to book yours}