humbled & grateful

i am so very thankful for the beautiful souls who made time in their hectic lives to play & practice last night at the first #chillasanahhh class at DogTown Crossfit.

i was verrrrry nervous and had some difficulties finding my rhythm with cueing and the accoustics of the space. but the vibe was strong with this group and we persevered!

i wanted to focus on the anahata region, the 4th chakra.  there are so many repetitive motions in our daily lives that compress this area.  computer slouch is one of the worst; driving –the endless LA driving– also creates tension. i mean, i am a trained yogi and i STILL have to remind myself to roll my shoulders away from ears throughout the day.

a really awesome savasana is absolutely a reward for showing up, stepping on the mat and going through the breath & body work. feelin’ especially groovy that this is true for our first #chillasanahhhh class at DogTown.

in any yoga class, and this one especially, we are working on the pliability & mobility of our bodies. for example, opening space in the upper thoracic to help you work toward a better overhead position (over time and with practice).

but the breathwork, warming movement, and stretching … each of these elements are there to activate your parasympathetic nervous system and lead you to a restorative savasana.

savasana is also called corpse pose. So this is a good analogy for life: breathe deeply, live strong, be in your body … and if all goes well, you get the ultimate rest and reset.

i’ll be leading #chillasanahhh at DogTown Crossfit for the next two Sundays fo’sho. if you’re in LA, bring your mat and join us!