It’s a Dry Heat

If you’re a dry skin type or if your skin is chronically dehydrated, summer’s heat can exacerbate this issue, leaving your skin raw feeling, red and prone to irritation. Add sensitivity or an inflammatory response like rosace and the sunshine is no longer fun.

So we need to focus on protecting & repairing the skin’s natural barrier with nourishing products, layered to ensure maximum absorption. Plus calming, soothing and protecting your skin’s natural moisture factor (NFM) and preventing TEWL (transepidermal water loss).

Here are my Top 11 tips to help those of us with dry, sensitive and sensitized skin thrive brightly during days abloom with sunshine & frolicking.

  1. Skip the morning cleanse and just thoroughly splash with warm water. I’ll even go from the water splash to applying a nourishing oil with massage to really get the lymph & circulation moving after a night of good, deep rest. Try these and your typically dry skin will be singing your praises in gratitude: Remedy from ColorUp, Facial Nectar from Sorella and Nourish from Osmosis.
  2. Time for a cocktail? That means layering your serums, silly! Typically you layer from lightest to heaviest. Doing this helps lock in the active ingredients and lock out moisture stealing dry air (from heat, screens and AC). Here’s a great summer lineup for dry skin: After your rinse & massage with oil, apply a small amount of Main Squeeze to your chest, neck & face followed by Pomegranate Açaí and top with Blueberry Moisture (all by Sorella Apothecary). You are locked & loaded for a well-hydrated & skin nourished day! (Don’t forget your reef safe SPF!)
  3. If heat causes your rosacea to flair up, look for serums & moisturizers that are calming & soothing. My preferred is Rescue from Osmosis, containing Trioxolane, a patented oxygen molecule that enhances the immune function of the skin. This immune boosting ingredient slows the aging process, decreases pigmentation, is anti-inflammatory & anti-microbrial. Also, helpful: Sorella also offers Lemon Lightening (for daytime) & Facial in a Bottle (for overnight), both with azelaic acid + ingredients to even skin texture & tone.
  4. Well-hydrated & nourished skin is less reactive and less prone to surface irritation. Plus your physical-blocking SPFs function better on hydrated skin (these reef-safe SPFs need to stay on the surface of the skin to block/reflect the sun’s damaging UV rays).
  5. Invest in professional treatments that hydrate your tissue and strengthen skin’s resiliency. Two that are great year’round but can help prevent summer’s seasonal issues are Celluma LED light therapies and Neuroticisms dynamic microcurrent treatments.
  6. You can still treat dryness as well as those pesky sun spots & hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C serums boost your skin’s resiliency, help fortify your SPF and create internal cell renewal to improve your skin’s texture & tone. Some faves: Sorella Pomegranate Açaí & Hale & Hush’s Rare C Serum. The most sophisticated: Osmosis Catalyst AC-11 to improve the look of aging skin, diminish pigmentation and for patented DNA repair with zinc fingers.
  7. Ditch the super active exfoliating masks for something cooling, hydrating & calming. My pick: Hale & Hush’s Hydrate Gel. Everyone should have this in their home. Makes for the perfect summertime cool down mask and is great for soothing bug bites, chafing, shaving and post-sugaring. I also love the Peach & Honey mask from Sorella and the Tropical Mango from Osmosis.
  8. Also, try a mask to sleep in …yeah, ya heard me right! Remedy Healing Balm from Osmosis and Sorella’s Rehab Recovery will both wrap your skin in botanical hydration while you drift off to sleep. You will wake up refreshed & your skin thoroughly hydrated. Look out world!
  9. Do the most: Treat your skin holistically, from the inside out. I take Osmosis Immune Activator daily to provide internal defense against oxidative stress. And I augment with their frequency enhanced, 24k gold infused elixirs. My fave elixirs? Well, I like to indulge in several but my very faves are Ageless Vitality (of course), Hormone Relief and Relax & Unwind (when we’re back in the studio, you will def get to try this prior to your next FabFacial). Skin Perfection Elixir is perfect for neutralizing the digestive causes of rosacea, eczema & psoriasis.
  10. Just like with other skin types, ya gotta #UseProtection. And physical blocking SPFs are the best for our bodies & Momma Earth. Today’s mineral-based sunscreens go on smoothly, decrease heat irritation, cool the skin and don’t leave you chalky, blue or greasy. I’ve got hydrating & mattefying SPFs from Hale & Hush, Osmosis, and Sorella … let’s find the right one for you! Plus, try to get your sun before 11am or after 3pm (this is a general guideline and may change depending on where you live), wear wide-brimmed hats and seek shade during peak UV hours.
  11. Fully remove sophisticated SPFs, skincare serums and the day’s debris with a gentle, hydrating cleanser or cleansing balm. Osmosi’s Lift Away is a personal fave. And no one can resist the delectable smell of Sorella’s Apricot Mango Cleansing Milk (plus it really works to leave your skin clean without tightness or redness).

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