Juneteenth + Black Women Farmers

I ordered this combo pack of teas from #FarmerCee over at Green Heffa Farm because I need more holistic brews in my life. Also, who doesn’t need some saniTEA?!?

These teas sound deeeeeelish!

Brenda’s Balm botanical blend pays homage to Cee’s mother, Brenda, and her extensive knowledge of traditional plants. Brenda’s Balm pairs certified organic hemp flower with sustainably-grown holy basil, known as the “Queen of Herbs”. The result is a flavorful synergy that boasts a strong cannabinoid and terpene profile while providing neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory benefits. Savor each sip of this balmy brew as it helps soothe the senses and promote an overall sense of well-being.”

“When your world seems crazy and you are looking for a bit of calm, our saniTEA can help. In our newest botanical tea blend, we include premium boutique BaOx hemp flower known for its rich cannabinoid composition and highlighted by the uplifting caryophyllene and relaxing myrcene terpenes. We pair it with lemon balm – a mint with beautifully subtle citrus notes that has been used for centuries to calm nerves and bring peace to an anxious stomach. Lemon Balm is a natural source of vitamin C and thiamine, antioxidants and a number of other beneficial components. “

Make a move over to Farmer Cee’s insta to see pics of the farm, get tips & get to know how she grows: @greenheffafarm.

Did you know in 1920, there were nearly a million Black farmers in the United States? What happened in the generations between 1920 and today? Black farmers were driven off the market, and often expropriated of their very lands, by a matrix of institutionalized racism pervading every aspect of the American agricultural sector. Read more in this in depth article “Hemp Farming while Black” from Project CBD.

I’ll check in with ya later … gonna go brew some tea and relax for a bit. XOXO