LA County Says “Not Yet”

LA County has not given the go-ahead for my skincare studio to open.  Here is the specific announcement from 6/14/20.  They could change their mind as we move forward and the moment they do —> I have plans in place; my studio is ready; I have PPE.

You will receive an invite to book on my new system. You will receive an email from me. You will see it on my web site, blogs & social media. You will probably think “Geez, I get it Kenya. You’re open for biz.”  But I am *that* ready to get this going, safely.

I promise … I’m ready to see you in a safe but still tranquil space.

Wanna let LA County know you’re ready for me to open?  Click here and tell’em.  Keep it simple; be passionate.

You can also email GovGav, too. LMK if you hear back!!

And, while we can’t be together in the studio, I am still here for you & your skin! Got a question? Ready to level up your skin care with products specific to your skin goals? Let’s get together!

I’ve added some amahhhzing new product lines and expanded others. Check’em out and let’s chat.

PS: Yep, I’m sad LA County doesn’t value my service. But, this too shall pass. And there is so much social progress happening. We gotta stay positive and rest up to fight another day!

PPS: If you have some friends, families & co-workers who need some skincare TLC while they are working from home, please share this email. I promise to take great care of your referrals.

Okay, one more PS: I dig ya & I’m gonna see ya soon. So no picking and email me with any questions. XOXO