legs up the wall

our very first #chillasanahhh pose is the all-important *legs up the wall* (aka viparita karani ?) this chill pose delivers max benes for minimal effort ?.

how to do it:  literally, lay on the floor and put your legs up the wall … soooo easy!

  • in the above pic ??, i’ve placed my right hand on my heart center and my left hand on my lower abdomen. this often provides a warm, relaxing feeling. you can also try cactus arms, put your arms overhead in a Y or just allow your arms to fall to your sides with palms up
  • let’s get to the good stuff →→→  the BENEFITS:
    • fab for improving circulatory flow, especially after standing all dang day (hellooooo!)
    • also great for relieving cranky, achy feet and ankles … i like to do slow flexi/points as well as ankle rolls (will help relieve swollen ankles & tootsies too)
    • got lower back tension? start with this pose … you’ll also gently stretch your hammies and relax your pelvic floor
    • this pose will also slow your roll … we are always moving forward, go go GO! but sometimes ya gotta stop, drop & legs up to reflect, recharge & rejuvenate your bod, soul & mind
    • ready to go pro? slide a firm bolster or rolled blankets under your hips.  that will give you an *ayurvedic facelift* thanks to the improved circulatory flow … you’re welcome! ❤️???

stay tuned for future restorative and recovery poses like child’s pose, lightening bolt and supported wheel plus i’ll include pics & tips on props to cradle & support your achin’ bones.  meanwhile, hit me up with questions or comment/email with your favorite cool down stretches.