Let’s Summerize Your Skin

It’s getting hot in here … time to level up our skincare routine to fit the season. For some of us, summer heat equals more sebum, shiny-ness, and possibly more break-outs. If that’s you, read on!

In later posts I’ll give tips for those of us who tend toward dry, redness and irritation in the summer.

Here are 7 Quick Tips to manage the sun/heat/humidity impact on your beautiful skin. If you’re ready to make these changes, email me and we’ll confirm these products are right for you —-> kenya@kenyabonvivant.com

  1. Lighter, gentle cleanser that still thoroughly cleans your skin with stripping or leaving it surface dry. Might I recommend Orange You Jelly from Sorella Apothecary? PS: won’t harm your lash extensions (and you need to hang on to those babies more than ever during shut downs).
  2. Less emollient but still hydrating moisture. I LOVE ColorUp’s Repair moisturizer and their Repair Light is perfect for hotter, more humid days.
  3. Feed your skin, protect your skin’s barrier and get a matte finish with Sorella’s Daily Greens. Loaded with nutrients, anti-oxidants & brighteners, this weightless moisture also has Evermat which reduces the appearance of pores & controls oil, leaving your skin matte, not flat.
  4. Grab ColorUp’s Detox clay mask for the T-Zone to soak up excess sebum & keep pores clear for max flow. Also great for those sweaty problem areas including the back, chest, bra line and hairline.
  5. Mask to glow! If you’re active outdoors, you may not want to heavily exfoliate your skin right now. But you still want to mask to gently resurface, deep clean & hydrate. Osmosis’s Polish enzyme mask or Sorella’s Peach & Honey mask are just the ticket!
  6. Osmosis’s rejuvenating retinaldehyde lets you use their Vitamin A serums year-round, even during the day. Even on lips & eye areas!
  7. Did you know UV exposure is considered the number one factor in aging skin? #UseProtection and I’ve got several physical-blocking SPFs that are fabulous for your skin and also for Momma Earth. Osmosis’s Protect is non-nano zinc based, long-lasting & sheer. And Sorella’s Tropical Matte SPF 30 keeps skin safe & shine-free in the sun.

Ready to grab the products ya need for the skin ya want? Click on this banner:

See? Easy-peasy.

PS: These tips will also help you with maskne and other issues that might *pop* up due to the extra heat & moisture due to appropriate mask wearing. Plus, I’ve got another post with even more details.

If you still have questions, there is no need to suffer in silence. Email your esthetician —-> kenya@kenyabonvivant.com

Til then, wash your hands, physically distance when necessary, wear your mask, eat the rainbow, move your asana and let’s thrive.

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