level up your esthetician

my studio — be well {groomed!} — is known for expertly removing those unwanted hairs and fuzzes on your body. i’m good at it; i’ve won awards for it.

{not all hair removal is the same  ?  your skin deserves the very best}

as your esthetician and sugarista, my primary focus is on the health & wellbeing of your skin, even during professional body sugaring. every choice rewards your skin with nutrients, hydration and specialized care, from the type of sugar i use, the training to remove the hair to the custom-blended products and techniques specific to optimizing your skin’s health.

unless contraindicated, i typically end each professional body sugaring session with a high frequency application. research has shown the ozone produced with high frequency can diminish P acne bacteria on the skin while increasing fresh blood flow to nourish the skin, reducing redness, reducing puffiness and firming the skin. i love treating my clients’ skin for maximum health and my clients love the results!

{client experiencing high frequency after sugaring to remove facial hair}


most all of us have hair; some more, some less. and we remove these hairs for many, many reasons: the hairs are unwanted, get in the way of active lifestyles, cause irritation, create specific medical issues, inhibit sensations on the skin and on and on. no biggee; this is something we can do something about. but not all hair removal is the same. seek out an esthetician with experience, great clients and who shares your values. then make an appointment and love your skin!

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