Maskerade DRAFT

draft page for Mask-erade Virtual Hollydaze Partay

I often hear: I have so many skincare masks. I love them. But I never use them!

So, in lieu of holidays parties, let’s get together and mask!

Details: Sunday 12/20 at 3pm TBD

What ya need: (this will be a graphic)

  • comfy clothes (that you can get your mask on)
  • Mask that you can leave on for 10 mins
  • Bowl for warm water
  • Headband
  • 4 cloths: rinse, dry, catch debris/wipe hands, under bowl
  • fave bevie: tea, cocoa, bubbles, vino

Mix & mask, just like I do in the studio: put dabs of clay on your nose, chin, forehead and then cover the rest of your chest, neck & face

feeling dry? hydrate! (link to mango)

looking dull? exfoliate (link to polish)

wanna roll into bed in your mask? sleeping mask (balm)

clogged? deep clean! (CBD detox)

too much zoomie cocktails? repair (rehab)

we’ll winedown with the help of my client/friend.

apply our masks.

another client/friend will give us an insight into the star alignments for 2021

and I can answer some Qs.

we’ll close with setting an intention for the new year, remove our masks and enjoy the rest of our blissful evening.