Masks & Our Skin

I have really relished being back in the studio for this past week. So great to see my people, deal with the skincare & body hair issues and answer questions in person (email & zoom or great but it’s nice to actually see what is going on).

The primary question: what to do about the effects of the mask?

First, metaphorical high five to everyone wearing their masks. Next to hermiting full-time at home, wearing a mask (along with washing our hands) is the best we can do to keep our communities healthy.

With the stress of all that is going on, we are bound to see an impact on our bodies & minds. And even if you have a dedicated skincare routine, these new times require an update to take the best care of our skin.

Of course, the best way to start the mask wearing healing is to book a FabFacial where the focus is on cleansing, calming, healing & hydration. You’ll leave with that glow we all crave and the perfect products for home care.

A session under the Celluma LED would also boost your skin’s ATP production … especially if we prepped you with a gentle enzyme mask, 15 mins of blue and then the red/UV/blue combo for skin rejuvenation and napitation (it’s our code name for the relaxing, gentle nap the LED gives ya).

If you aren’t ready to come in for a FabFacial, here are some tips to get you started at home:

  • The 4 basic steps still apply: Cleanse, Tone, Treat & Protect.
  • Cleanse: Keep your cleanser gentle. Look for oil-infused or milky cleansers that don’t strip your skin but thoroughly clean away the day. Sorella’s Orange Ya Jelly as well as their Apricot Mango Cleansing Milk are purrrrfect. Plus, Osmosis’s Lift Away cleansing balm.
  • Tone: These days toners are created to do extra duty: restore pH AND hydrate or calm or exfoliate
    • ColorUp Mist
    • Osmosis Infuse
    • Sorella Spiced Wine Toner
  • Treat Sensitivity: If your skin is giving you redness and heat or sensitivity from the mask materials, we want to cool and calm.
    • Osmosis Rescue serum
    • Osmosis Barrier Repair Mask
    • Sorella Rehab Recover mask
    • H&H Hydrating gel
  • Treat Breakouts: If you’re seeing actual pustules, we still want to calm but we also want to remove dead skin & clear your pores to heal & minimize the bumps.
  • Protect Hydrate: If you typically feel oily & worry about breakouts, we want to keep you hydrated. We can do that and calm your skin too.
    • ColorUp Repair
    • H&H Hydrating Gel
    • Sorella Daily Greens
  • Protect SPF: And, even with the mask we must wear SPF —> Physical blocking SPFs with titanium & zinc are naturally calming and soothing. Plus, they provide a barrier between you and the friction/heat/moisture of your mask.
    • Osmosis Protect
    • Sorella Tropical Matte
    • TiZo Sheer & TiZo3

Listen, I know we are dealing with a LOT of info —> we gotta remember to always have a mask with us. And to wash our hands more. And to not touch our faces. Wear a clean mask daily. Whew!

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