May We Be Grateful

May comes sailing in with Nurse and Teacher Appreciation plus Mother’s Day.

It’s also time to celebrate my big sis: Happy Birthday, Camille!

Let’s celebrate all the essential people in our lives! I’m giving away a Rezenerate facial with a few simple steps:

  • Head over to my instagram page (click here)
  • Tag a deserving person in your life who is “essential” to you (@theirIGtag)
  • And, tell me why you think this stellar person deserves a treat
  • PS: Tell a good tale & you might win a Rezenerate facial, too!

Don’t forget –> hop over to my IG page & nom your phenom! Hope you & yours are healthy, sane and finding time to laugh. Be gentle with yourself, especially your skin. Don’t pick your skin but stay picky about your skincare!


The fine print: I will announce the winner here and via email on 5/13. While the Rezenerate nanofacial is priceless and the treatment carries a value of $155, this prize has no actual cash value. Thank you for entering … stay vibrant!

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