meanwhile, back at home

I’ve put this time at home to excellent use: new trainings & certifications in disinfecting protocols, skin analysis, advanced treatment protocols, layering active treatment techniques, gua sha, specialized ingredients and detailed product research.

Due to the nature of my work, I am very knowledgeable and mindful about cross contamination and keeping a clean and disinfected work space. My normal protocol is to wash my hands before and after every client, this includes scrubbing my nails and washing my wrists multiple times per day. I always sanitize my tools and work surfaces with a hospital grade disinfectant. Cavicide, madicide, and sani cloths are on the CDC’s list of solutions which do kill the coronavirus. And, it never hurts to brush up & build on existing knowledge & skills with professional training.

My goal is always to create a safe space for your self-care needs. And while we’ll be home a bit longer, I AM READY FOR YA!!!!! XOXO

From the Team at Salon Republic:

HVAC Fitting Ultra-Violet Light Technology:

In order to further protect our salon environment, we have modified our HVAC system by installing UV Lights in the ductwork or near the AC coils. Ultra-Violet light destroys microbes like mold, bacteria, fungi, mildew, mold spores, viruses and other pathogens.

Prior to re-opening:

·        Janitorial Services will be preparing the salon for re-opening by conducting a deep clean and disinfecting all porous surfaces as well as sanitizing non-porous surfaces of the salon.

·        Hand sanitizing stations will be placed at the main salon entrance and other locations, as necessary.

·        All the towel cabinets will be disinfected, and all the salons towels will be re-washed in hot water and kept in the closed disinfected cabinets until ready for use.

·        A sign will be posted on the main salon entry door with social guidelines for all beauty professionals and guests/clients to adhere to.

After re-opening and continuously thereafter:

Once salon operations commence, the following will be put in place to keep the entire salon safe and clean.

Sanitization and Disinfection:

·        Janitorial services will continue to disinfect all surfaces and door handles on a frequent basis – we have purchased special sanitizing supplies to facilitate a clean environment.

·       Our Salon Managers will be “Barbicide Certified” with regard to general salon sanitization/disinfection policies and best practices to ensure safety around the reception and store areas

And more … the short of it is: they are working hard to be ready for The Big Comeback so that we can happily & safely keep you groomed!