move your asana, improve your gut!

new research is telling us that exercise can improve healthy gut bacteria, independent of diet and other factors.  here is a link to the summary of the study.

the big takeaway —> the exercise level in the study was 30-60minutes, 3x/week for 6 weeks; short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) went up in the human gut as a result of exercise. most interesting, there was a higher level of microbes that produce butyrate, a SCFA that promotes healthy intestinal cells, reduces inflammation and generates energy for the host. they also appeared to be more resistant to experimental ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease.

this research was identified by my personal favorite expert in healthy aging, Dr. Rhonda Patrick via her web site Found My Fitness. her research, newsletter and youtube videos always inspire with detailed information on the latest studies.

if you really want to give your gut (and as a result, your overall health & wellbeing) a boost, “regularly eat foods that contain a lot of friendly probiotic bacteria—specifically traditional fermented foods. You may also hear these dishes be referred to as probiotic foods,'” per Dr. David Williams.

a thriving gut microbiome obviously aids in digestion but it also keeps your immune system humming … and a robust immune system keeps the inflammatory response at healthy levels, promotes clear skin, aids in consistent hormone production, allows for better weight maintenance and might help with insulin resistance.

i have a *gut feeling* you’re going to feel major improvements in  your life when you work toward improving your overall gut health. so let’s get moving … meet me at the bar(bell)!