let’s go hiking

i have always been a walker. my Grandma Opal loved to walk the hills and pastures around our houses, looking for arrowheads or just interesting rocks. the moment i moved off the ranch and into my dorm at Stillwater (#GoPokes!), i became a full-fledged flâneuse. my favorite time to stroll thru neighborhoods is near and after dusk; there is something so warming seeing the lights come on in homes.

i started hiking around Los Angeles many moons ago with my compadres from work. we were Senior Managers at a company that very badly wanted to be growing much more steadily than it was.  and that created a lot of pressure on the marketing team (my compadres & me); it also resulted in significant hours at the office and on the road.

we hiked to work the stress out; to make up for the over-rich road food; to make up for the damage done by all that time under flourescent lights. mostly, we hiked to work through shit.

if you’re in LA and ready to hit the trail, holler!  also, sign up for newsletter to find out when i’ll next lead a hike into the Angeles National Forest or other trail-rich zones!