Thank you so much for being here; can’t wait to see you there!

13 years! I’ve loved seeing each of you at Studio 41 for THIRTEEN YEARS!

And now, due to reasons beyond my control, at the end of the year, I am moving my little skin care biz to Santa Monica.

I’ll close on 12/22 for the week to make the move.
And, re-open on Saturday, 12/28 for usual hours.

I hope the distance is not too great.  I’m excited to venture west and hope you are ready for new adventures out that way too.

I’ll update my web site, the autoemails etc. over the next month (I don’t want to confuse new clients or folks who might not read this email) with all the details, like: there is metered parking on 5th, plus a public lot on 4th with 90 minutes free. (PS: I’ll be taking the train into Santa Monica, choo choo!).

And, I’ll send a few more emails over the next 5 weeks with end-of-year specials and to remind you of the move, parking details, location specifics, new Sundays options and more!

Of course, email anytime to discuss any ideas/issues etc:

PS: (many of you know this, but all the emails you have for me go to the same inbox: anything@bewellgroomed and

Thank you again for all the laughs, hugs, and DEEP discussions at Studio 41; we shall persist at the new location!

And, of course, the make-life-easy links!!