My Skin Buddy

Hey there … I’m thrilled you got your very own My Skin Buddy. I’m not very gadgety, but I love MSB because it’s easy to use, you see the results right away AND it makes the most of the products you love, helping them work with your skin for maximum results.

How to Use:

Click through these different applications slowly. To turn off MSB, just hold the button for a bit of time until it turns off (the light button light goes out and MSB is quiet).

Click 1 = Cleanse with red LED and positive iontophoresis. You don’t need 5 minutes … and it doesn’t have to be every day (tho it is safe enough). Morning can be a good option because it gets the fluid moving.  Nighttime might the best time to use MSB to thoroughly break down sophisticated SPFs & makeup as well as environmental debris. Consistent use can also prep your body for your rest cycle.
Click 2 = Blue LED kills bacteria and helps prevent & heal breakouts. I use it in the studio post-extractions.
Click 3 = Green LED, calming. Great option for helping serum and/or masks *get in there* to get the most out of your products thanks to the ultrasonic vibration + negative iontophoresis that enhance penetration.
Click 4 = Red LED is considered anti-aging plus the MSB works in the same way as listed above.
Click 5 = Here your rotate through all the Red, Green and Blue LED. As with 3 & 4, the iontophoresis is focused on using a negative charge to push products into skin.  
3, 4, & 5 = The sonic technologies at 8500 pulses per minute provide micro stimulation and warmth to increase circulation and move fluids, increasing the important work of the lymph system.
6 = no LED and all the benefits of 3, 4, & 5

Where to use:

All areas of your face, neck, chest and your hands (but really, you can use MSB anywhere on your body that needs extra attention!).

Clicks 3 thru 6 work to make the absolute most of your favorite serums, oils, moisturizers & masks.

My favorite products that do wonders for your skin in combination with MSB include:Main Squeeze Hydrating Serum, The Balm, Nourish, Cocktail Rescue, Catalyst & Infuse thanks to iontophoresis & ultrasonic vibration.