Neck treatments

Fab Facial + Microcurrent: I’ve combined the best of Your Favorite Fab Facial with skin rejuvenation & lift of Neurotris Microcurrent. NeurotriS microcurrent treatment uses various frequencies (Sine, Square, Biphasic, Monophasic, Pulsed, Galvanic, etc.) to contract and relax facial muscles — essentially “working out” these muscles. By doing so, muscles appear more defined and significantly improve the look and feel of the skin above. Neurotris microcurrent is the highest grade devise on the market and USA made. For best lift, tone & tightening, we recommend this treatment weekly for 10 weeks + maintenance every month.

Combo Fab Facial: Next to Your Favorite Fab Facial, this may be my most common treatment. You’ll need this treatment when you want to work on several issues at once while also doing the most to delay the signs of aging. This gold star treat might include all over and/or spot treatments of Diamond Glow, ReZENerate microchanneling, Neurotris Microcurrent, LED light therapy, custom-blended solutions, gua sha-style treatment, intensive extractions or other protocols to help you crush your skincare goals.