Need a Lift at Home? Dynamic Microcurrent for Luminous Skin

When I’m at my skincare studio in Santa Monica, the NeurotriS™ dynamic microcurrent system is one of my very fave FabFacials. Like the Celluma LED treatments, dynamic microcurrent works deep in the skin’s structure to effectively activate the creation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), literally the energy that creates collagen & elastin (the magic fibers of youth for the skin).

Did you know that collagen production begins to slow down in our late ’20s? That’s one of the primary reasons you get professional treatments: to protect your skin’s barrier and boost collagen production!

NeurotriS™ is the #1 leader for professional microcurrent machines used for healthy aging. All NeurotriS™ machines have bio-feedback skin impedance monitoring that maintains the appropriate multi-signal no matter the skin impedance. It is because of this ability to maintain the multi-signal purity, NeurotriS™ body and facial machines produce faster results that last longer.

Wanna make your professional treatments last longer? Wanna optimize the results of your finely tuned at-home skincare? Get NeurotriS™ for home use!

As your esthetician often says: homecare is the platform for your skincare. And yes, you can and should microcurrent at home. But the partner you choose matters; go for the best! You won’t have to figure it out for yourself: I’ll walk you through how to use the gloves plus some special tips & tricks. And, I’ll check in with you to make sure you are using your new toy.

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Here are the Top 5 Benefits of Neurotris on Your Skin

  1. Increased Blood Flow: The low level electrical pulses that are provided by microcurrent will stimulate blood and lymphatic flow in the skin. This moves the fluid more effectively to keep skin nourished, healthy & bright. Circulation is everything and dang if it doesn’t get sloggy with the trips around the sun!
  2. Hydration: The microcurrent technology will send electric pulses into the skin that will trigger ATP production that helps to improve cellular function, thus improving oxygen levels, and hydration levels. And, as your esthetician is always telling you: hydrated skin is more resilient. When your skin has optimum hydration it is less reactive, less prone to irritation, redness & sensitivity and looks more firm and smooth.
  3. Volume: With stimulated oxygen and hydration levels, the skin has greater volume, this is compounded when the low level electrical pulses stimulate muscle contraction which leads to toned facial muscular structure
  4. Firmness: The improved hydration levels and improved oxygen levels have cells operating at their highest levels.  Then the improvement in the tone of the facial muscles, combined with high quality skin care will help to improve the firmness of the skin. And who doesn’t want firmer skin? This is what brings your face, neck and other areas that *lift* we all crave. Don’t let gravity win without a fight! 🙂
  5. Luminosity: When the life of the skin cell is extended through hydration and oxygenation, the live skin cells on the surface will more easily reflect light, causing the skin to appear luminous and glowing!  You might not have considered this word but this is what you’re thinking of when you see youthful skin that radiates health.

Why Neurotris is the only choice —> It’s the perfect treatment, every time.

The NeurotriS Dynamic optimizes the electrical impulse signal based on an individual’s skin at the time of treatment, ensuring the treatment you’re providing is customized to your clients skin. Our microcurrent machines work with your client’s skin during every treatment.  They don’t just omit a static pulse like all the other machines on the market, our Dynamic Microcurrent machines will ensure your client receives the most optimal treatment every time!

You know you want that *lumonsity* so email me to grab your system and we’ll zoom together for the best tips!

By popular demand, NeurotriS introduces the world’s most advanced personal face and body sculptor. The NeurotriS PICO Toner™ is the only hand held microcurrent device intended for home use featuring 2nd generation microcurrent “Constant Waveform Morphology” utilizing our patented Silver Sculpting Gloves™. We can offer a non-invasive approach to improve and return a youthful appearance. The experience is wonderfully relaxing and euphoric, causes no pain, swelling or downtime, and noticeable results begin immediately.

The PICO Toner™ is the only personal toner on the market today that allows for multiple output accessory attachments. The Pico Toner comes standard with the highest quality Silver Toning gloves available today. You have the option to add toning probes and or facial toning pads to personalize your treatment needs. The toning gloves allows for more surface area to be treated as the probes can be used to treat fine areas. Use the Facial toning pads as a static treatment to focus on areas over the eye or nasolabial folds.

Not all microcurrent devices are considered the same. The advanced technology of the Pico Toner is dependent on the sophistication of engineering that takes place between the battery and the output accessories used (Gloves, Probes or Pads).