NeurotriS Pico Toner

be well {groomed}’s cheat sheet for that badass at-home magic maker, the Pico Toner

This outline is designed to work with this more detailed training video. I recommend you print this page and have it with you for notes while watching the video.

On =  Press center button for 1-2 seconds. It will flash P1 or P2. Th3se are the 2 pre-programmed dynamic microcurrent sessions.

Off = Unlock screen by pressing middle button then scroll down to 0

Unlock = hit the center button once. The screen locks automatically if no buttons are pushed for a bit or programs are started; and also locks once the programs start. You have to Unlock to turn off, change intensity levels, switch programs.

First, put your batter in the Pico Toner small unit.

To prepare, wet gloves with tap water and ring out. Should be soaked but not heavy & dripping.

There are two programs = P1 & P2. They are each 20 mins. And they each run 2 pre-set different microcurrent sessions at 10 mins each.

If you pick P1, you do 5 mins of movements on the right, then 5 on the left. The pre-set session will automatically change and you do 5 more movements on each side.

Snap the cables to the gloves. I typically wear the Black/Negative on my right hand. Velcro the strap around your wrist and place the unit on the strap.

Once it’s on and strapped to your wrist, we’ll set the intensity level: 

  • Unlock screen, scroll up and down (plus sign increases)
  • Start out lower, maybe 15; you can always increase it.
  • You just want to feel it. Your skin does not need to jump to be improved. But you will prefer higher intensity as you become accustomed to the feel.

The standard moves to make with the gloves and the rods:

  • Black on top, red on bottom
  • Do not touch gloves; cancels out current
  • Glide Cinch & hold and Erase
  • Glide = like it sounds, smooth movement upward
  • Cinch & Hold = bring black to a position & hold. Scoop skin with red and hold.
    • Red up to the black
    • Great for areas you *really* want to target
    • Hold for 4-8 seconds (longer is better)
  • Erase = exactly like it sounds —> erasing fine lines. Hold the black hand steady (say, at lifting the cheek). The right hand makes small back & forth or circular movements on nasolabial folds or around lips.
  • Rec’d to alternate P1 & P2 every other day

Let’s get started!

  • Rinse face & dry.
  • Apply Stem Factor serum.
  • Ionic spray: spray both sides of the gloves, especially the finger tips
    • (About 15 pumps)

P1 = refine lines & wrinkles, facial lifting, tightening, toning, brightening, minimize pores, gives an overall radiance

P2 = builds collagen, elastin through energizing ATP

  • Start from upper chest/lower neck and work upward.
  • Upward sweeping movements:  1 hand on one side of the face; 1 hand on the other
  • Plus Cinch & Hold on naseolabial & cheeks
  • and on eyes too … eye lift + smile lines PLUS those keep those upper lids tight!
  • Erase on fine lines on lip, especially those fine lines (small circles) and deeper smile lines (cinch upward & hold)
  • Don’t forget the back of the neck

You can use the Neurotris on all body areas to tone, lift and improve the hydration, texture and look of your skin

  • Decollate: for sun damage & crepeness
  • P1 on body: use higher levels (thicker skin)
  • Legs = start at bottom and Glide up. Mix in holding.
    • 20 mins on each full leg & buttocks
    • Upward Glide to Holding movements
    • Roll to one side … Do buttocks
  • Include time for your abdomen
  • Next up: arms
    • Remove insert from glove on red/ positive.
    • Leave insert on black/negative
    • Glide black up arm … glide & hold to tighten & tone skin area
    • Reverse for opposite arm

You can do hand & face together.  P1 as above but no inserts.

Other tools are available: probes, pads, clips (for masks). We’ll go over those when you get accustomed to/bored by the gloves.