new fave: Skin Editor

i am *always* on the lookout for the fab product that works to accomplish multiple goals, feels great to put on, gives you superb value for hard-earned buckaroos and doesn’t add stress to your schedule … thusly, i don’t carry or recommend a long list of products.

here’s a new find for most everyone:  Skin Editor from Bioelements

      i’ve been using it for a while and LOVE the gentle skin refining, moisturizing exfoliation!

what it is:  an imperfection-editing leave on AHA peel creme with 4% glycolic + 7% lactic acid in kombucha-infused organic shea butter.what it does: this powerful exfoliator works to edit skin imperfections and long-term damage to instantly smooth rough and bumpy texture, diminish dullness, brighten dark damage, improve clarity + color, target congestion, hydrate, and reduce the look of lines – all without harsh skin-stripping or surface-scraping. Skin Editor’s incredibly elegant leave-on formula features dual-depth penetrating 3% glycolic and 7% lactic acid, plus the added bonus of brightening fermented black tea extract (kombucha) and soothing free-radical fighter Canadian willowherb – all enveloped within hydrating organic shea butter to create a formula that feels exceptionally indulgent on the skin. Use it at night to quickly correct past skin sins, and environmental stress signs.

more deets:

  • exfoliates, brightens, smoothes, improves lines + color with deep-penetrating 3% glycolic acid and mid-penetrating 7% lactic acid
  • soothes, counteracts invisible irritation and fights free radicals with naturally buffing Canadian willowherb
  • targets premature aging + loss of volume, and enhances luminosity with fermented, vitamin-rich kombucha
  • moisturizes and nourishes with certified organic shea butter
  • $46 for 1.7 luscious oz

contraindications: you don’t want to use this product if

  • you’re going to be in the sun non-stop, say if you’re heading out on a beach week. stop using all exfoliants 2 weeks prior to maximum sun-fun. exfoliating smooths the skin by sloughing off the dead, dry layers and may make you more sun sensitive. AFTER sun is the purrrrfect time to get back to professional & at-home exfoliating treatments.
  • use a stellar SPF while actively exfoliating your skin … try the TiZo line i carry! superb physical blockers that soothe & protect the skin … totally FREE of dyes, perfumes, harsh parabens and chemical UV absorbers.
  • stop using chemical exfoliants prior to a professional skincare treatment like a facial or sugaring.
  • if you’re pregnant, using derm prescribed keratolytics, or have extremely sensitive skin you will want to chat with your health care professional.

there are a few samples on hand … come on in!

more Qs to your As via this link ??