Your Skin Needs a Facial

i love working with client’s skin to help them reach their goals. professional skin care treatments provide deeper exfoliation and more hydration for your skin along with greater relaxation for you.

also, i know how hectic your workday is and i very much respect your time. so, i’ve made this super simple for ya by creating TWO types of facials:

FabFacial: expertly customized down to the type of exfoliation, massage medium, serum treatment, mask & moisturizer. We’ll discuss your skin care goals, product mix & needs and home care. You’ll be in the room for about an hour.

FabFacial + Dermalinfusion aka The Super Whammy Bammy: I’ve combined the customization of the FabFacial with the patented, non-invasive dermatological treatment from DermalInfusion. This all-inclusive treatment exfoliates, extracts & infuses the skin with condition-specific serums in one step. It is the FIRST and ONLY critically-timed exfoliation-to-serum treatment technology with optimal depth delivery for immediate and long-lasting results on all skin types — with no downtime. You’ll be in the room for about an hour + 20 minutes.

⚡️ Important note: you’ll get that sought-after glow with just one treatment. But, the benefits of facials are compounding so plan for a series! ⚡️

Check out this video of a recent Dermalinfusion facial here at be well {groomed!}

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